Course Description

The Small Church Pastor Coach Certification program was designed to be the equivalent of a three unit college online course.

Course Description:


The Small Church Pastor Coach Certification program is divided into four quarters, not calendar-based quarters, but assignment-based quarters. Once you complete one quarter of assignments you will then precede to the next quarter. This format will allow you to work at your own pace.

Class Text & Book Reports:

1) The class text will be Tony Stoltzus’ Leadership Coaching. In my opinion this is the best book on the market today to train and equip coaches who will be working with pastors and other church leaders. Tony’s book will be divided into 4 sections. At the end of each section a written report (a series of questions provided by Dave) will be turned in followed by a half hour phone call with Dave to discuss that portion of the book.

2) Terry B. Walling’s STUCK! will be an additional book to be read accompanied by a book report (a series of questions provided by Dave).

There are 2 other books that are recommended but not required:

1) Coaching Questions: A coach’s guide to powerful asking skills by Tony Stoltzfus

2) The Question Book: What 90 experts recommend you ask before you… by Bobb Biehl.


In order to achieve your certification you will need to complete 25 hours of actual coaching. After each coaching session you will turn in a report describing your session, what was the focus, what difficulties did you run into, questions you might have for Dave, etc. These reports will be reviewed by Dave and responded to via e-mail.

Class Final:

Your class final will be a 3 page written report. The topic will be assigned you by Dave and will reflect your unique goals for implementing coaching in your life and/or ministry.

One on one calls with Dave:

There will be a total of 6 half-hour phone meetings with Dave. The first call will be an orientation; the last call will be a wrapping up and congratulations for having completed the course, and one half hour phone meeting following the completion of each quarter of course-work.